28 May 2006

update on changes in treatment

I am moving forward in treatment. I did end up not having the second set of nerve blocks because oddly, the first set has helped for a longer than normal time. Now, I felt odd because of that. In researching the procedure, I knew it was used primarily as a diagnostic tool. It's only supposed to last 3 hrs to slightly longer. So, having this long of relief is just strange to me. It's only now starting to ache a bit in my back when I overdo it. So, that's a good thing. I have also "graduated" to not needing to see the pain management doctor each month but am able to see his nurse practicioner. Seems that I am considered fairly stable right now. We made slight med adjustments, but mainly of the "increase dose slightly on bad days, cut back on good days" type changes.

My rheumatologist has also pushed things forward. He felt a medication for osteoporosis was a good thing. A T score of -3 in the right femoral neck may have had something to do with that. And he did also feel that the changes showing an increase in BMD in my spine are likely a false positive change. So, we added Forteo, which is a daily shot to treat osteoporosis. We also increased my MTX, added Nexium to counteract the heartburn from MTX. I got a cortisone shot in my left shoulder this time and also a script for a prednisone burst and taper. We next discuss biologics. I am guessing he's leaning toward Enbrel but am not sure. So far the Nexium has finally kicked in. Or the effects of last week's MTX have worn off...not sure which.

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