04 December 2007


Well, today was my 4th RFA! I'm not going to detail it here as it's been done to death on my blog before. Just look for the RFA tags. But suffice it to say, I was in a happy, upbeat mood as I went in. Although, I should have been somewhat more mellow because I'd taken Valium pre-procedure like ordered. My BP was good for me. 112/75 and my pulse was only 87 I think. It was higher after of course, but gee, I'd just had 3 nerves fried off so it's normal to be up a bit. Today I didn't use my "other place" thing. My doc, the tech and I chatted. We talked about holiday recipes, I asked what's next after RFAs. Now, it's a bit odd to be laying on a procedure table, with my shirt pulled halfway up and my pants partially down discussing stuffing recipes with 2 men. But, hey I have no issues during medical procedures with males seeing my unclothed body parts. My butt hanging out...sure no problem so long as you're in the medical field.

What's next after the RFAs you ask? Well, right now more RFAs...at least as long as they give me the relief they currently give me of about a year. After that, doc said a spinal fusion. Now, I've heard very little good about the fusions. Too many complications even in otherwise healthy individuals. In someone who has multiple problems that cause the back problems, the fusion has even more complications. And then factoring in my lovely immunosupressant use and the fact that that makes infection a huge worry as well as retards healing..my doc said that's a last resort. He feels an SCS is NOT appropriate because of the same reasons...basically something electrical implanted in me ups the risks even more. So, I'm hoping for years upon years of being responsive to the RFAs. I do not do not do not want a fusion. But, as usual, my inquisitive self will be researching it just in case. I have this need to know as much as possible.

I'm home and recovering nicely. Sore of course. My dear hubby took me to lunch after the procedure cuz I was a good lil girl. Ok, sore to me feels like I've been hit with a baseball bat. But, I know it will go away and be worth it in a few weeks. I stuffed my fat face with food from my fave Chinese buffet. Hey, I've lowered my prednisone and lost weight without trying so it's not hurting to indulge occasionally.

Not much else is happening in my life. Bas is loving school. BC works weird hours. My mom is coming to visit for Christmas. That helps me deal with not being able to go home. My best friend's son almost had me in tears last night because he asked when we were coming back to visit them. I said I didn't know but that I wanted to move back so we were close to them sometime soon. it's just a matter of money and a job for my BC. Mom will likely move with us and live with us at first. Not sure how we'll work out all of the details but we will.

I'm still hosting a daily RA chat. Not that hosting requires much really. The group members do not need a host to chat and I found out today they do gather even when there isn't a host. YAY! Other than that, I do some work on a newsletter as my health allows. I slowly do a few chores a day at home. Mainly laundry and some cooking as well as being the "supervisor" on making sure other chores are done. I help Bas with his homework...yes my kindergartener has homework nightly. Mainly reading but also one other assignment. He likes to do those all at once though since his teacher is kind enough to send a calendar with a month's worth of work each month. The reading is done nightly though and he's making progress. He's also picking up the "Word Wall Words" that they must learn in other places besides his take home books. On TV, on signs, on the computer, etc. So proud of him.

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