22 January 2008

Only the child of 2 klutzy people

Ok so it's a school night and we sent Bastian to bed at a reasonable hour, 8:30. Told him he needed to stay in HIS bed since it was a school night. Made sure he wasn't hungry....well he did. He uses hunger to stall. He took his cold medicine, and his Zyrtec. Thank goodness it does help him sleep. I'd not give Bastian something to make him sleepy just to make him sleepy but I sure love the help that the meds he needs for allergies give him at times. Except tonight, not so much. It's not working!

So, he gets up once because he forgot something downstairs. And he settles back in. I hush the Charley kitty who is sitting outside Bastian's door crying to get let in there. Ummm no, he's a distraction, which is why we started shutting the door in the first place. And it helped him get better sleep for a bit. But anyway, BC IMs me that obviously Bastian is up, which I had just heard for myself. I waited for the inevitable...the "mommy can I please sleep with you just til daddy comes up? please please please???" complete with cute puppy dog eyes and maybe tears. I'm a sucker for those tears and eyes at times. He's not my favorite child, really.

But no little footsteps into my room. He just had to potty. So I'm thinking cool...I got out of being mean. Ummm not so fast. He popped in after going potty. I ignored him for a second and he just snuggled closer. Which I just loathe so much. rolleyes.gif Actually, that snuggling is one of his tricks as well. And I'm a sucker for it. Then I asked how I could help him except for him sleeping with me til daddy comes up. He just kinda was pouty and said "I hit my head in the bathroom". Now, I'm trying to figure out how an almost 6 year old hits his head in our bathroom without there being water and the tub and a fall involved. So he proceeds to explain. "I bent over to pull my pants up and that white round thing with the hole in it hit me in the head." Ok, so now I'm thinking...the meds are frying his brain. Because I really can't think of what is white in our bathroom that he'd hit his head on. He finally explains it well enough that I got it. I asked "do you mean the toilet seat?" And he's laying his head on my chest this whole time....so he immediately feels me trying to hold in my laughter and he sits up and says "It wasn't funny mommy!" He was indignant about it too. I apologized as best as I could while LMAO! Then I explained...."would you laugh if it happened to mommy?" And of course he said yes and he even laughed a little himself, still telling me it wasn't funny.

Now, you tell me, that was rather funny wasn't it? How in the world do you cause a toilet seat to hit you in the head as you're pulling your pants up? And at least the seat is down now so I don't fall in if I go potty in the middle of the night with no light on! Only my child! He trips and almost breaks his nose on a table, he slips on the bus, he falls going up stairs (and he had no RA to blame), he bonks his head all the time on things...it's a wonder he's made it this far! Last week when he slipped on the bus, he scraped his back. But the funny part is he was wearing his shirt that says "I do all my own stunts". We bought that because he's a klutz! Like parents like son.

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