01 March 2008

Tips on Dealing with Grief

The following came from a friend on a Chronic Pain group I'm on. She in turn got it from a grief group that she is on. We are not aware of the author. I think these tips are pretty useful for dealing with any kind of grief. From the grief of losing family or friends to the grief we need to go through on the way to accepting our diseases.

Be patient with yourself. Do not compare yourself to others.

Go through the mourning process at your own pace.

Admit you are hurting and go with the pain.

Apply cold or heat to your body, whichever feels best.

Ask for and accept help.

Talk to others.

Face the loss.

Stop asking "Why?" and ask "What will I do now?"

Recognize that a bad day does not mean that all is lost.



Keep to a routine.

Introduce pleasant changes into your life.

Know that you will survive.

Take care of something alive, such as a plant or a pet.

Schedule activities to help yourself get through weekends and holidays.

Find someone who needs your help.

Accept your feelings as part of the normal grief reaction.

Postpone major decisions whenever possible.

Do something you enjoy doing.

Write in a journal.

Be around people.

Schedule time alone.

Do not overdo.

Eat regularly.

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