19 April 2008

You can rest when you're dead Mommy!

We had a great day here. We started with a play date in the nearby park with a little boy from Bastian's school. Then we went to pick up our Angel Food Ministries food box, went to the store and then came home. I'd marinated a pork roast before we left and then cooked it this evening. I did decide to lay down between getting home and cooking though. Even with better pain meds (ahh the wonderful Fentanyl patch) in me now, I am still fatigued. Nothing much helps that. Especially during the PMS/monthly fibro flare combo I get. Oh yay!

Tonight after eating, somehow something my hubby and son were doing led to a short video of how a baby grows in the womb. Kinda one of those animations or something. Stops prior to birth. Except, Bastian decides to ask how the baby gets out of the tummy. So, I started with a graphic of the female anatomy and he was sorta getting it but sorta not. So, I searched around and found "Life's Greatest Miracle". So after viewing some animations of birth, we asked if he'd like to see a real live birth. He was up for it and we only watched the last segment of the program. But, he did fine watching except he didn't like seeing the crotch. Umm little dude, that's where the kid comes out. We explained that he was born that way too and he asked some questions about his birth and we answered and that was that. I did ask if he was going to be more careful asking questions because of how in depth we answered them from now on but he said no he liked good answers.

Later on he was watching other videos with BC and finally it was that magical moment....bedtime! Ahh the time mothers everywhere love, even if they won't admit it. And no matter how much you love your kid or how close you are...bedtime is still a wonderful time of day. I also decided to go lay down but not go to sleep yet. So we all went upstairs, including the dog and one eyed kitty. Bastian kids around some, we joke back. Then explain it is time for hugs n kisses. So he comes to me and then BC. Gives the hugs n kisses and comes back to me to "cuddle". And begs so adorably to sleep in our bed with us. Um nope! I actually wouldn't care so much but I hurt more when he does sleep with us because there's the two of us, the dog, him and then one or two kitties at times. His remark to try to sway me: "But it's my day off!" My little response was "when is my day off?". I wasn't trying to be mean, just to get him to think. He said Daddy could take care of him for a day to give me a day off...I said but I'm still your mommy. I don't really want or need or day off of motherhood by the way...sometimes a day of being an adult without the husband and child (and pets) all crawling up my butt all day might be a nice thing but hey, no one said Mom's would ever get privacy again! He thought about my comment that I'm always going to be his mommy...even after he'd tried to say I'd get a day off when he's an adult. He kept thinking and suddenly looked at me and grinned and said "You can have a day off when you're dead!"

Stopped us both cold. Was funny. Then he tried to convince me to just cuddle him a little more. Now, I love me some Bastian cuddles. But, I wasn't born yesterday so I know when he's using the cuddle to stall technique. So I mentioned I was all cuddled out for the day. Which led to BC saying that was great, that Bastian ruined it for him because if I was all cuddled out, then he couldn't even get a hug or a kiss from me.

Needless to say, Bastian went to his bed, BC got his hug and kiss and now I am writing all about them. And wondering...will I really get that rest when I am dead or will I still be out there being a mommy?

At least he did not call me a smart ass this time!

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