26 June 2008

Backup? Who needs stinkin backup?

Umm EVERYONE who values the files one their PC is who! Hi, my name is Wayney and I'm an idiot. I should have learned when BC had his slight problem of a seriously screwed up PC and kinda sorta lost everything. But did I? Nope. Actually, I was in the process of doing some organizing and cleaning so that I was not dealing with old files, duplicates etc etc. yesterday so that I could do a backup and I kinda sorta deleted a bunch of font files. No problem right? Except I lost a very important font file. Something that put the little X on every window to allow you to know which button to press to say close it. I lost text on pretty much ALL buttons. I opened one program and it looked blank because it had no text to read. So lesson one: don't delete any system font files! Lesson two: make a regular back up of your PC files.

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