31 March 2012

Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge!

The Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge 2012

Can you do 30 health posts in 30 days?

Health Activists are incredible communicators, always sharing great info, ideas, and support for their online community.  It's time to get extra creative! April is our Health Activist Writer's Month and brings the official Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge (#HAWMC).

We've prepared 30 health-related prompts that will help you get creative on your blog, Facebook page, or health community all month long.  Take the challenge and do a post a day for all 30 days of April!
Sign up now and we'll send you all 30 prompts before April starts so you can start your planning (and writing!) early.  We'll also send you 30 images you can use on your blog to show your readers that you're participating in #HAWMC.

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I posted about this a little while back but wanted to post it again since it begins tomorrow!! I am seriously going to attempt to make 30 posts in 30 days. On a number I am planning on using the prompts I was sent for joining early. But, one thing is that I don't HAVE to use the prompts so I may just do my own thing on some days. I know a few days I am not very likely to use the prompts.  I am just not THAT creative!  Thankfully, here are the rules of the challenge:
  • Write something every day of April. Note: You don’t have to use our Prompts (remember that those are fun suggestions) but you should try to post something every day.  
  • You have 2 “Get Out Of Post Free” days if you need – so use them wisely.
  • Share your posts with us and with fellow posters.
  • Have fun and be creative!
I know I will be working hard to write these 30 posts!

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