08 April 2012

#HAWMC post #8

My daily schedule is pretty open. Most days I wake up when I wake up, no specific time, it just depends on when I went to bed the night before (or sometimes that morning) and how I feel. I generally wake up, take medications and wait for them to kick in, Then I go get cleaned up, get dressed, get online, goof off after posting on 4RATalk, then 6hrs after I wake up, I take more meds. I text my hubby and Mom off and on throughout the day, and I will call my Mom as well. I don't do much most days but try to read mail, read news, work with the support group. I might find me something to eat but most days I don't eat until we fix dinner. I do dishes when I need to, same with laundry. Although with laundry I need help most of the time carrying my laundry basket to the washer and dryer. I cook some days but usually only when I am feeling decent. On those days that I really feel good, I'll sometimes cook more to freeze for the next time. Last time I made homemade noodles (the old fashioned kind) I made 6 batches and froze most of the noodles for later. I recently cooked a bag and they turned out really good!

I don't really have much of a schedule. I like not having to do ANYTHING if I don't feel up to it. But then if I feel good I have the option of doing a number of things. One of the things I try to do everyday is read my Bible, I read the Our Daily Bread devotions most every day and if by chance I end up sleeping the day away or am in a bad enough flare that I cannot concentrate on even a short reading, then I will wait and read all of what I missed reading when I feel more alert.

You'd think that since I take a medication that helps me stay awake, and is also associated with increased alertness in some people, would help me stay out of the fog. But sadly, the fog is too enveloping and thick for even meds to help. It's something I just have to ride out.

After eating dinner, I generally goof off more online and then take meds to help me sleep comfortably. Some nights I even make it to bed. Others I fall asleep at my desk in my wheelchair.

Not much to my life on an average day. But I like it that way to be honest. I can adjust the things I do based on how I feel.

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