08 May 2012

World Autoimmune Arthritis Day Schedule

Here is the FINAL Presentation Schedule for WAAD. Please keep in mind that 13 of the 16 Presentations are ON DEMAND, meaning you can watch them at your leisure during the event. The Live Presentations will be recorded and available for viewing after the fact. You must Register for the Virtual Convention to view during the 47 hour event. Registration is FREE at www.WorldAutoimmuneArthritisDay.org. No contact information will be provided to those sponsoring or participating with WAAD.

On Demand Presentations:
5-15 minutes
1 Self Esteem – You are Beautiful! Hosted by Kimberly Dansby, Founder and CEO of the Purple Rose Foundation (SLE)
2 Being Your Own Self Advocate – Hosted by Arthritis Ashley (RA), Blogger Arthritis Foundation
3 Eye Care with Autoimmune Arthritis Diseases (Adult and Child Uveitis) – Hosted by Tristan Moore, IAAM Volunteer (UCTD)
4 Dental Care with Autoimmune Arthritis Diseases Hosted by Tristan Moore, IAAM Volunteer (UCTD)
5 Fitness and You – Hosted by Personal Trainer and RA Patient, Marie Hilferty (RA)
6 The Autoimmune Arthritis diseases-How are they Related? –Hosted by IAAM Co-Founder Tami Caskey Brown (RA/SS)
7 Coping as a Parent Living with Autoimmune Arthritis (parent and child viewpoints)- Hosted by SqueakyJoints Leaders, Brigid and Peggy (RA)
8 Tips for Supporting Someone Living with Autoimmune Arthritis Hosted by Arthritis & Auto Immune Support (AAIS) Leader, Cherie Hambleton, Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia
9 Tips for Parenting a JAer – Hosted by Parent Bloggers Danielle http://emilysarthrit...t.blogspot.com/ and Stacey http://www.lifeautoimmune.com/ (JA/MCTD)
10 What I CAN Do! -Kristy Long, Founder and CEO of the Dream Institute (JA/RA)
11 Having a Job and Dealing with Autoimmune Arthritis -Hosted by Sarah Clark, Founder of the Young Arthritics of Wellington. Association: Arthritis New Zealand (RA)
12 Maximizing Your Healthy Time –Hosted by Kirsten Walters, Not Standing Still’s Disease (SD)
13.Natural Nutrition- Hosted by Thrive with Lupus, (SLE)

Live Presentations:
30 minutes, Time TBD. Register at www.WorldAutoimmuneArthritisDay.org to be notified when schedule is solidified AND to secure your 'seat' for the Live Presentations. These presentations include an approximate 15 minute slide presentation, followed by a Live Chat/Question-Answer session.

1 Who Am I Now? Learning to Live with Unexpected Disability - Hosted by Tiffany Westrich, Founder and CEO of the International Autoimmune Arthritis Movement (RA/SLE)
2 Intimacy/Dating/Marriage and Autoimmune Arthritis -Hosted by Jenna Dye Visscher of the Feeding Edge. Association: Spondylitis Association of America (AS)
3 Navigating Your Day with Autoimmune Arthritis: Tips to Simplify Your Life -Hosted by Dana Morningstar, Chair of the Young Professionals Group, Arthritis Foundation (PsA)

PLEASE NOTE: PRESENTATIONS ARE GIVEN BY PATIENTS BUT ARE NOT DISEASE-SPECIFIC. EACH PRESENTATION IS GENERALIZED TO COVER AUTOIMMUNE ARTHRITIS AS A CATEGORY. In addition, while we attempted to balance presenters to disease representation, not all those approached were able to participate. We are thrilled with this line-up and feel it will be quite historic and educational!

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