11 June 2012

Joey Dogg's Burgers

Location: 1818C Highway 17 N Surfside Beach, SC 29575
Phone: (843) 238-5639
Date & time of visit: 06/11/20012 approx. 5pm
Map of the business location 

Joey Dogg's Cheeseburger

Joey Dogg's Burgers' Cheeseburger is 2 patties that are ¼ lb each. This one has bacon, grilled onion, ketchup, and mayo. Their Jr burgers are a single ¼ lb patty so if you're not hungry order a Jr burger. This tasted GREAT!!! Dripping with grease is not good, but neither so so dry there's no juices or grease left. This burger was nice and juicy. Some grease is ok, it adds an extra flavor. So it wasn't too greasy. It had a little. If there's too much I blot it off with a napkin and didn't need to here. The grilled flavor was good. A bit of smokiness gave it that freshly grilled taste. The burger was cooked so that it was not well done. I'd probably call it more medium-well. The bacon was nice and crisp, not fatty, limp and tough to eat. The buns were so soft. There were generous amounts of ketchup and mayo, but not so much it dripped off the burger. The grilled onions were grilled to a nice sweet softness, not at all mushy as onions sometimes can be when grilled too long. The fries were very good despite my initial thought that they were browned too much to be tasty. The onion rings were very tasty. The batter didn't fall apart as some onion rings do. The onions were sweet yet still had a bit of a bit to them.  Mini said the hot dogs were great. He even liked the onion rings! He's not that fond of cooked onions but will eat onion rings at times and he liked these. I think the batter was something he said was REALLY good and he'd like to have the batter without the onion even. We told him batter needed to cling to something so it can be fried.
Joey Dogg's Adult Dog Food Bowl

Yup that IS a dog food bowl containing a cheeseburger (see prev pic), onion rings and french fries. Their prices are not bad at all. We got 2 adult dog food bowls, both containing a cheeseburger w/2 patties that are ¼lb each with onion rings and french fries; 4 hot dogs; 2 sweet teas and a glass of water for somewhere between $20-25. We had a coupon for BOGO hot dogs. Mini was gonna order their "ding-a-ling" which is a foot long hot dog, but the waitress asked if he thought he could eat 4 hot dogs. He said yeah and she was shocked, then he added to her shock by saying he's eaten more than that a number of times and that she should see him eat pizza! So she said that it would be better to order that way. She was VERY friendly, provided great service, was there when we needed her but wasn't suffocating. There was a gentleman who came over to ask where we are from and we mentioned being locals and he said he is too. IDK if that was an employee, the owner or a customer. 

I couldn't eat ALL of my meal. I took half of my burger home with me. Mini helped with some of my fries and onion rings. And between BC and I we had enough rings left over for a snack for him later. My burger was great when we got home. I thought of heating it up but decided to just eat it and it tasted great still. I have a feeling we will be going back! 

I am also proud of Mini for something that happened. There was a little boy there, probably 5 at most. His mother worked there I guess. But he was hanging around and when Mini went to check out the video games and the claw machine, he started talking to Mini. I gave Mini some money to get quarters so he could play between hot dogs. Kept him from eating too fast. And of course that drew the little boy over. Mini was nice to him, patient and then when he came back to eat, the little boy was talking to him. Mini apparently wanted to be nice but he also wanted to eat uninterrupted. So he took a quarter and asked the little boy if he'd like to play a game while he waited on Mini to finish eating. That made the little boy so happy. I know a lot of adults would have brushed the little boy off. And even a lot of kids Mini's age might have brushed the boy off. But, Mini came up with a way of getting to eat without having to answer a bunch of questions while also making the little boy happy. I was definitely proud of him for that. After he finished eating, Mini went back over and they played until we were done. 

Joey Dogg's also has a number of other sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches, and after 5 on certain nights they have an Italian menu available. They also have seafood meals I believe, salads and some desserts. Definitely give them a try if you're in the Myrtle Beach, SC area! 

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