01 November 2016

#30DayFHWChallenge Day 1

Day 1: Write a letter to an ancestor you've never met. Include questions you've always wanted to ask him or her, plus some that reflect what you've already learned about your ancestor (for example, "Do you enjoy your new job?" or "How are you coping with your father's death?"). Read editorial intern Madge Maril's response to the prompt if you need inspiration.

Map showing Robert Zane's land in NJ

Dear Robert Zane,
What must it have been like for you to live during the English Civil War, have to leave England during Cromwell's time as Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland?  After being born in Yarcombe, England in 1642, leaving for Dublin, Ireland must have been a big change. But you met your wife there. You also sailed from Dublin, to New York and back in 1673 on the Mary of Salem. You then returned to Elsinburra (now Elsinboro, NJ) aboard the Griffith (or Griffin in 1675 with other Quakers who were looking for somewhere to settle. This led to what is called "The Irish Tenth" or "Fenwick's Colony". Again, you returned to Dublin. In 1677, aboard the Mary of Dublin, you returned to  West Jersey where you settled along Newton Creek, near Salem.  On that trip, you were accompanied by your son, Nathaniel Zane. You lost your wife, Margaret, sometime before sailing or during the trip. It couldn't have been easy to care for a young child on a voyage like that. Do you enjoy living in Fenwick's Colony or as some people call it "The Irish Tenth"?  Was it a huge adjustment or were you able to easily adjust? 
Your 7th great-granddaughter
Yarcombe, Devon, England to Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland to Elsinboro, NJ

Elsinboro, NJ to Gloucester, NJ

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