17 September 2006

I've been staying busy it seems. Of course that includes just getting the basics of life done. Those things tend to take a lot of time in that I need breaks, and lots of them to accomplish things. If something requires sitting, I have to move every so often. Either I shift around a lot or I have to get up and walk. Which walking after awhile is a problem to. It's all in finding balance. I sound like a broken record I think sometimes when I preach balance.

I had my second nerve blocks and they've helped a lot. So just waiting til they wear off some and I'll have the RF done. That area of my back is one place I have no complaints with right now. The rest of my back doesn't feel good and if I push things, I feel the pain move from the original painful spot to the right side where it's not painful right now. I have even adjusted again to the spasms I don't feel when the pain is bad.

I've been in a big flare both RA and fibro wise. Seems I just cannot get it to break. I had some injection site reactions to Enbrel. They lasted 3 weeks each. So we tried adding Zyrtec when I took Enbrel and when that did not help...he took me off of it and wants me on Humira. So I start it Friday. Am feeling being off of it...and I wasn't sure it was working. Either that or my RA is at a bad point. I know my last labs were not good. A record high on SED rate for me. So am wondering what my other lab values were. Need to do better getting copies of records.

I did apply for SSDI. Decided to go with Allsup because they do everything for me. I have a case worker with them and anyone who asks me anything about my claim...gets sent to them. I basically do phone interviews and sign the papers. Knowing my age is an issue, I knew eventually I'd need a lawyer for an appeal. Why pay a lawyer to do the appeal etc after I do the initial legwork and fill out all of the forms...when for the same price, I can have someone do all of the paperwork for me. I've heard good things about Allsup too. So that helped make my decision.

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