17 October 2006


Well, I'm home. It was nothing. I got there right before 2 and they got me in. Got my BP and pulse checked which was high, despite Valium. They asked if I was sure I wanted to do it. I said sure. So they got me all prepped and ready. The whole pillows to get me positioned, betadine to clean me...then Dr K marks my skin...numbs me, puts in the catheter, numbs me some more, injects saline and then does a sensory and motor test. The sensory test is real tame..just like a fluttery feeling that I have to tell them when I first feel it. Took a bit on the first 2 to feel it and I never felt it on the 3rd nerve. The motor test is an electrical current and supposedly painful. I found it slightly discomforting but not out and out painful on the first 2 and on the 3rd...barely felt it. Dr K kept asking if I was ok. I was fine. Then after the motor test they turn on the RF and it actually burns the nerve. Dr K kept saying if it hurt they could shut it off and restart it at a lower strength. I never felt a thing. Both Dan (the radiologist) and Dr K said I was tough. Dr K did tell me I have spina bifida occulta. I told him he was the first doc to ever mention it but that I knew cuz of reading x-ray reports. We discussed how I learn a lot by reading reports. Spoke about osteoporosis and how I had it long before ever being on steroids. He asked what caused it and I said I'd read a few studies showing kids with JRA have increased chances of it without steroid use even. One of the times he asked if something was painful, I said that my first tattoo hurt more.

Apparently I am a freak of nature because everyone told me this was painful. It's not something I'd do everyday but it's not like I was clenching me teeth in pain or crying out or anything. I was listening to the radio, half listening to Dr K and Dan talk. Dr K did say I have a high pain threshold. Then Dan said so if you complain of pain, you're not kidding around. I laughed and said nope but I also don't show it much either because after 22 years...you learn to hide it.

So now I am home, waiting on my ice pack to freeze so I can do the ice thing. UGH..I hate ice. And gonna try to battle the Valium I didn't need to take so I can watch some TV with my man!

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