26 October 2006


I am now a little over a week post RFA and all I can say is it was helpful. Once the rest of my back is taken care of, I might be able to do a little more at home. I expected to have an increase in pain as noted in a lot of what I've read about the procedure. So far, I've felt bruised and tender but that is all. The muscle spasms are still there and of course more noticible when the pain is lessened. I'm not pain free. But it's manageable. I cannot wait to see how long until I can do the left side.

It's been a busy month. Stacy adjusted some meds for me to try to get more pain relief. I had the RFA. I've dropped one support group and the website for it and became owner of another I was on.

I can't honestly say whether my RA meds are helping or not. I'm not having a reduction in flares. At my last rheumy appt. he mentioned my labs were bad compared to their normal. While still comparatively low, my ESR was the highest it has ever been. I didn't look at my other values because I didn't want to know quite frankly. I've switched from Enbrel to Humira because of an injection site reaction that lasted 3 weeks. The injection site reaction to Humira is much less. Less itchy, doesn't last too long...couple days. I'm still stiff and achey and moving isn't easy.

Fibro wise, I'v had a rough time. I feel like I am made of concrete. The increase in muscle relaxers has helped a lot with that. It's now just getting back to being caught up. I still wear out extremely easy, even with Provigil. I am not at the dose I am allowed even but, if I increase it, I just end up pushing too hard and sending the RA into a cycle of flaring. I did go through a period of mental fog that was horrible. Thankfully, that's subsiding a bit.

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