10 October 2007

Let's bash handicapped people!

I am not sure if anyone has seen this site or an article in the paper. But this site: Handicapped Parking Fraud.org is a group that is taking pictures; leaving sticky notes on people's cars; reporting names, addresses, handicap placard numbers and license plate (or tags as we em in the south) numbers and posting them along with videos if they are caught or pictures. All good in theory right...if people don't have a handicapped placard or plate they shouldn't be using a handicapped spot. The problem is many of the reports are not for people without a tag etc. It's on people who have invisible disabilities who properly display their placard or have a plate. I just think this is a serious invasion of privacy to post names and addresses on a site without the permission of the person.

I also think in all of my reading on the site that despite their "don't harass people and don't confront people, just report them" and "keep in mind there are invisible disabilities" comments they encourage people to harass us.

Apparently they don't like me for being too outspoken, shall we say. I made some comments to some posts and they've been deleted. One sarcasm filled one asking why don't they put everyone who has an invisible disability in a "special" place..then saying oooh that's too much like the Nazis isn't it? Ooopsie Bad Wayney huh? Multiple other posts were deleted as well for one reason or another. And oddly they deleted my avatar which was one their site provided. I could really not care much about that but..it's just strange to do that. They have every right to censor me as it is their site. At least it proves there is a moderator or something around and it's not a free for all. But, what they are doing in posting names etc of "offenders" is actually violating their own TOS. I think that's funny. They censor posts of people who disagree with them but allow those who agree with them to harass and discriminate against others.

So, I'm using my gimpy lil fingers and spreading the word about this site. I'll admit I'm all for prosecuting those who park illegally. And yes there are people who abuse the system and have placards that they really do not need. But, to advocate hassling people who do have placards irritates me. I fully support calling the police if someone does park in a handicapped spot without a placard or plate. But, give those who have a placard or plate the benefit of the doubt. I also freely admit I have a facebook cause on raising awareness about not parking in a handicapped space if you're not handicapped. But, I'm not about to say "hey let's take plate numbers/placard numbers/names/pictures/videos and post them on a website to embarrass people." To me, that's a privacy violation to an extent. The plate/placard numbers not so much because they're out there to be seen. But posting names, addresses sometimes, videos and pictures is NOT cool. People in America are innocent until proven guilty. And last I checked, I wasn't a judge.

I also don't appreciate so called "normals" (by that I mean healthy individuals) fighting my fights for me. I am quite capable of doing that myself. I may be handicapped but I'm not too stupid to know how to stand up for my own rights. I did it a few weeks ago on a trip I took. And hopefully, I got results. At the very least, I got placated by a managerial person. I'll post that in a separate post though!

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