21 February 2012

Another RFA

Last night I slept in my wheelchair as has been the norm lately. I am comfortable I guess? I can't complain. I am not in more pain than sleeping in bed most of the time. But, this morning I was VERY stiff and sore. Garrin tried to wake me around 7am. I woke easily. But my body did NOT want to get moving. I finally got moving and got in the shower. That helped a bit. But by the time I got out, dried off, got dressed and out the door, I was running late. I HATE being late but it seems as if I am going to have to seriously adjust my time to begin readying for appointments. It simply takes my gimpy self more time than it did before my long "vacation" as one person calls it.  It was hardly a vacation but it does sound better than me calling it my "incarceration" I guess. I never felt jailed, except as a result of my body's inability to do anything there for awhile in the hospital.

I went Feb 8, 2012 for a radio frequency ablation (RFA) on my right side, 3 lumbar levels. If you don't know what an RFA is, you can read about it here: APM Surgery Radio Frequency Neurotomy. The following sites also contain information on the procedure that goes by a few different names. I have seen it called a "rhizotomy" as well as the names listed here.

Was late to my appt and called on our way there, I told em I had a hard time getting moving and going down the steps and all. I was about 10-15 min late but they worked me in. I love this office, not only for working me in when I was late, but because when I called and said I had a hard time getting moving, they were all concerned. When we got there, MaryBeth was almost worried as she said I am NEVER late.  Even Dr K. He said before we started that if I was hurting too much, we could re-schedule it. I said I was fine, it was just morning stiffness and my body taking awhile to get to moving. The hot shower helped some. But then the stairs are a bit of a challenge when I am stiff.

Matt came and got me, took my BP and stuck the pulse ox on. Then he came to stand by me as I went from chair to table. We got over there and he made sure I was able to get up on the table. Offered a step-stool. I think that would be harder for me than just pushing myself up a tiny bit. It's not that high. After he's sure I'm settled, he moves my crutches outta the way. We'd been talking today about how I learned to do steps with the crutches and how when I first started, Jim gave me "Jim's 2 Stupid Rules" then he amended it to 3 stupid rules. I am not sure why he called em stupid, they're common sense to me! One was the crutches are to be next to me or a step ahead of me but NEVER behind me.  I am blanking on the second one. Then the last rule, I was not allowed to plant both of my crutches on a step and use them to JUMP off the top step. I'd never make it and would fall and have problems which would have caused me to have a set-back. Yeah, namely I'd break into a lot of pieces most likely. Osteoporosis and jumping off of steps do not generally go well together.

I was fairly comfy during the procedure today. I was NOT twisted as I was last time. So that's a good thing. We just chatted a bit off and on about all kinds of things. Somehow we got to talking about Bible verses. Matt had a Bible in the treatment room. So Doc asked him to look up a verse before we got started. He read Matt. 4:7-11 on Satan tempting Christ. We discussed which church we go to. I miss going on Sunday to the Manor service. I get my driver's license, I may go back. OR I could go to Kim's church. From what it sounded like, both Doc and Matt go to the same church in MB.  I find it comforting that my doc seems to have a strong belief in God. Not many bosses want their employees reading a Bible passage to a patient who is lying on the treatment table waiting for them to begin. I didn't mind one bit. Find it very nice. Kinda like when Dr Lyons and Danni and I had a prayer before we got started when he got my braces measured for my feet. At all but one visit he prayed for me. I've had docs do it before surgery, before an endoscopy, and just because I was VERY ill at the hospital. But never in an out-patient office. So Dr Lyons was a unique doctor. As is Dr Kang. I just feel so comfortable with him. He did write my Arava script for one month and made clear he expects me to get back in to see Dr Twining ASAP! Which I don't blame him, I NEED to be under Dr Twining's care as well as Dr Kang's. Dr Lyons handles my AFOs and I really only need to see him if something changes enough to cause changes to my AFOs. I may need to call and see how to get a hold of some ShearBan for the insoles of my AFOs. But other than that, he doesn't need to see me.

I didn't even watch the time but it didn't seem to take long at all. Didn't hurt at all either. The local kinda stings then burns but that's the worst of it. Then when I was done, Brian escorted me to the recovery room(he even carried my purse for me!), asked if I wanted him to get my husband. I said sure so he asked his name and went and got him. Doc also decided that there was NO point in me coming back in next week for my monthly appt so he just wrote my methadone and oxycodone today. So now I go back in 6 wks on Apr 2. Yet another reason I love my pain doc. He is an awesome doctor! His staff is great! They are all so caring.Here is a link to the Georgetown Hospital Systems info page on him.


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