09 February 2012


My appt went well. I got there, got signed in. Sat and waited no more than 5 min and Brian (I think that's his name) came to get me.  WE began talking about why I had the crutches. He asked if I minded his question. Then as I was giving him the Cliff's Notes version, Dr K came in and said I was a miracle. We got my BP and all that. Then they had me get on the treatment table. It was funny. Dr K offered to get me a step and I said I had it. So they both came to stand on either side of me to make sure I was ok. Then he got me arranged on the table on my stomach. Apparently I was in a twisted position. So they used pillows and a wedge and even had me lift my hips up and adjust my position. Finally got me where I needed to be. Then he started with the local. And from there just kept numbing me, putting the needle in and making adjustments so it was right on the nerve it needed to be on. Then they did the 2 different types of stimulation and then burned away.  Then he went to the next nerve and repeated it all over. And finally the third nerve. 

Then I got my pants fixed, I thought I'd gotten em up all the way and all straight and all. But thankfully Brian caught it before I got off the table and fixed em. Then Dr K did the cortisone into my right shoulder. Then I got to hang out in recovery. As I was sitting there, of all things a dog came to visit me. He was really friendly and cute.  He didn't jump up on my, but when I patted my lap he did come and stand with a front paw on each shoulder of mine trying to give kisses. But he was gentle and sweet.  I waited and then Brian came out and said I could go, so I checked out, set up my appt for my left side RFA on the 21st and my monthly appt for the 1st. Wheeee! 

Today I'm only slightly bruised. No swelling or redness. I feel tender to touch the area or in certain ways I move. But, having my right side not hurt really shows how bad my left side is. It's driving me crazy.  But only 12 days until that gets fixed.  YAY! 

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