10 April 2012

#HAWMC Post #10

Dear 16 year old Me,

In 2 years, you will meet a very special guy. You will end up marrying him shortly after you graduate high school. You will try to balance starting tech school, working full time, and being newly married. You won't be able to hold up under the strain because of your health. The pain and fatigue will make it so you have to choose between work and school. Don't let anyone tell you that you made the wrong decision.

In the end, you made the right decision! I won't scare you with how your health will affect you in your 30s. But you're strong. With the help of those who love you, you'll make it through that rough time.

Throughout all that happens, you will see exactly how strong you are. Be proud of that fact! Despite all the pain and health issues, you are happy. You enjoy what you do to help others.


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