15 April 2012

#HAWMC post #15

Writing With Style
What's your writing style?
I've decided I don't have a specific style. "Writing style" is defined as "the manner in which an author chooses to write to his or her audience." by Wikipedia.  In this sense, I don't have a specific style. It depends on the subject I am writing about, who the intended audience is, my mood, and a number of other issues.

 But style can also refer to the types of pieces one writes. In that sense there are four basic styles: expository, narrative, persuasive, and descriptive. I generally use a mix of those four styles. The style I use depends on why I am writing. If I am writing something about a health issue, I will usually be using expository writing. If I am writing about advocacy issues, I am likely trying to persuade someone to see things my way.  If I am just writing about my doctor appointments, or a procedure I've had, or a medication I have just begun taking, I use a narrative style.

Do words just flow from your mind to your fingertips?
They usually do if I am writing on a topic I am familiar with. Quite often when I write something, it's an idea I have been mulling over in my mind for a good bit.  On some things that I write, I have to do enough research on it that it takes me a bit longer to write those pieces, more thought to get things just so.
Do you like handwriting first?
Sometimes. If inspiration strikes me and I am not near a computer to type up my thoughts, then yes. Since handwriting is painful for me, I'd prefer to type everything as I am thinking of a subject and what I want to write. But, there are times when an idea comes up and I have to get it out and so I have no choice but to write it out by hand. There are times when I do have access to a computer to type and I still like to write things by hand. In times like that, it just depends on how my hands are feeling. Even when I do write something by hand and then type it up, I usually end up making a number of changes.

Do you plan your posts?
Sometimes. I have during this month of doing the #HAWMC challenge. At least on some of the posts. Sometimes, I just see what inspires me that day. I don't write all that frequently but during this challenge I have been writing a lot more than I normally do. I am hoping this challenge gets me in the habit of writing more often. 

Title first or last?
I usually write the title last. I let the finished piece decide the title. But on some things, where I am writing a specific item for a purpose, I'll usually write the title first. 

Where do you write best?
Either at my computer, typing my thoughts out, or in bed. Those are the places I do the most writing, But, I have had inspiration strike once while I was on a trip from South Carolina to Indiana. Fourteen hours in the backseat of a car can give you a lot of time to think!  Because of this, I always take a notebook when I go on trips that are longer than 3 hours. For shorter trips, I just like spending the time with the people I am riding with. Although, I suppose if inspiration struck, I'd find a way to write, even if it meant stopping and buying a notebook!

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