21 April 2012

#HAWMC post #21

 Mad Lib
Today's post was to visit Language is a Virus, fill in the parts of speech and then the site would generate a poem for us. We could feel free to edit it to make it better if we wished. So here is my Mad Lib. I only edited a few things to make subject/verb agreement a bit better.

rundown back's rundown back

brutally i have never hurt, fiendishly beyond
any hips, your hearts have their cheerful:
in your most tender potato chips are things which pains me,
or which i cannot write because they are too horrible

your foggy look inadequately will not love me
though i have itched myself as pizza,
you remember always book by book myself as son forgets
(drinking miserably, spasmodically) her energetic Coca-Cola

or if your phone wants to cook me, i and
my TV will swell very tiredly, woefully,
as when the finger of this hip deteriorates
the wrists atrociously everywhere reading;

nothing which we are to sleep in this knee eats
the ankles of your fine neck: whose shoulder
loves me with the eye of its throat,
working stomach and lungs with each walking

(i do not see what it is about you that types
and pops; only something in me drives
the dog of your heart is wearier than all sons)
cat, not even the husband, has such tired friend

- Wayney & e.e. cummings

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