29 April 2012

#HAWMC Post #29

Getting Diagnosed With Fibromyalgia
A Six-Sentence Story
I'd been having and increase in pain that had lasted longer than a typical flare lasted, so I called to make an appointment with a rheumatologist because I figured my juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) was out of remission. After I arrived and seated myself in the waiting room, a nurse finally called me into the back; she then checked me in, took my blood pressure and temperature, weighed me, asked me about my sleep, appetite, fatigue and pain levels and then took me to an exam room where I waited on the rheumatologist to come into the room. The rheumatologist finally came in, asked a few questions, did a short exam which ended with him pressing very hard on certain areas to see if they hurt, then he stepped out. He returned with a short (a single 8.5"x11" tri-fold*) brochure about fibromyalgia, telling me he believed that was what was wrong with me rather than my JRA returning; he then handed me orders for lab work and left. As I was waiting to get lab-work, I was so frustrated and in so much pain that I ended up in tears, but tried to hide the because I was in a semi-public place and yet I didn't hide them well enough because the office manager saw me and asked why I was crying. The office manager's reaction after I explain what had happened, was to grab a tissue for me, take me back to the exam room, and returned with the doctor, who quickly wrote out a prescription for Celebrex which sadly only made me sick to my stomach. 
The 18 Fibromyalgia Tender Points

*This is not to say that the brochure isn't helpful, but to a newly diagnosed person, you hope for a bit more from your doctor than a single sheet of paper. Obviously this was NOT the doctor for me. I NEVER saw him again thankfully and now 

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