30 April 2012

#HAWMC Post # 30

 Word Cloud

Today's prompt from WEGO was to "make a word cloud or tree with a list of words that come to mind when you think about your blog, health, or interests." So I picked 3 different things to make word clouds of. I used 2 items I wrote and then my blog as a whole. In the first cloud, it is from a piece titled What RA is Like: A Letter for Family and Friends. I wrote that because over the years I have heard so many people have various complaints about how people close to them in one way or another, whether it be family, friends, co-workers, or employers, just do not get certain aspects of their RA. So I took some of the issues that people mentioned frequently and began to think of something that could be said to those people who were making those statements. I was blunt, One or two people even accused me of being dark. A few said I was too "in your face" to the offenders. I may have been. But, I was writing from the viewpoint of the person with RA, who, having heard many of the comments I addressed one too many times, was very much wanting to be heard. And unfortunately, with some people, it takes a 2x4 to the side of the head to get them to truly hear the person with RA and not only listen but to realize the emotion behind the statements. They're borne not of trying to be confrontational, but of trying to be heard and being ignored time after time. 

The piece on pain, Chronic Pain:Addiction, Dependence, and Tolerance,  came about because I found myself repeating things like "Just because I take pain medications, it doesn't mean I'm addicted." and also to address concerns I'd heard many times in the e-mail based support group on which I was a moderator. Theses concerns are valid, people do worry about getting addicted to pain meds because we have heard so much in the news about the evils of pain meds. Others worry because they've seen first hand what addiction does to the addict, and those around them. So I researched the issues, and what I found ended up in the long piece I wrote. I hope it has helped those facing the need for pain medication by putting some of their worries to rest.

Then the last word cloud comes from me using the link to my blog to make the cloud. It analyzed all of the words on here.

This is a Wordle Word Cloud of this blog!

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