02 May 2012

Recapping #HAWMC

 Recapping #HAWMC

I finished! Sorta. Why? Because while there is a post for each day of April, I did not do one every day. I bent the rules a bit to work with my pain and energy levels. I also think I need to read over the last two week's posts to look for errors that spell-check would not have found, because while the words are spelled correctly, they're just not the right words for the spots they're in! I know I have some that I spotted late last night as I was chatting with my Mom about some of the posts. I was in the middle of typing a post, so I did not wanna stop working on one post to fix another one. I made notes on the issues I saw so it won't take much to fix them. They're tiny things. But first, I'll catch up on mail and other things I've let slide!

It is hard to decide which of the posts are my favorite. I had fun doing all of them. If you notice, there are some days I did not do the posted prompt. I didn't do them because I would have hated every bit of writing it. And if I hate the thought of writing something, I just am not likely to write it. I'll put it off and put it off, until I just forget about it or just decide to not do it. The last week or so, I have not felt great so it took me forever to write some of the posts. I certainly did not write one a day! And while one of them was not completely posted until today, I had it written in April. All of my posts were written in April. I just got behind on typing them up because of my occasional habit of composing on paper in long hand. Then typing it up. Some posts I compose at my desk on the computer. But others, I just need to be comfy and so I write while I am in bed. Until last week, I wasn't able to use my computer from bed. But my son and I figured out how to do that so now it's not so hard. I had just gotten behind and catching up took awhile.

The six-sentence story was tough. I had my husband read my first draft and he said I needed to cut a lot of fluff out. So I did. It likely still has run on sentences and other grammatical issues. But it did the job. Sometimes, to stay within one set of rules, you have to break or bend other rules.

The five challenges/victories post got me to thinking. What are the victories I am most proud of that they more than outweigh the challenges? I think I got victories that did that.

The taglines post was fun. I could never just write a line such as that. I have to find a graphic to put with it! It's the same with the health mascots post. I had fun with that, but also used it to provide some basic treatment information. Learned the Hard Way was a  fun post. It let me get out some of my story. I had a good time creating the Pinboards. Ten Things I Could Not Live Without had me counting blessings. On one of the activist choice days, I chose to make a Mind Map. That was pretty interesting to do. It opened me up to a new way of getting things organized for a writing project, as I am more used to outlining, although I do it very loosely. For the ekphrasis post, I decided to create some images that were the "monsters" that I fight against health-wise. I was not so comfortable with the concept of ekphrasis so I felt more comfortable making an image fit a disease. Almost a reverse ekphrasis in a way! But, creating the monsters, gave the mascots something to battle I guess. Hmmm maybe I need to add small pictures of the monsters to the mascots posts as a representation of who the mascot fights against. Or I can just add a line to each mascot's description and link it to the appropriate monster? Maybe split the monster post into three separate ones so that each mascot links to the post for that monster? I will need to think about it!! The quotes I found interesting was an interesting post. I had to really think about the hundreds of quotes I have copied down and pick the ones that speak to me most of all. It was not easy by far. I did have fun making graphics for the later post on Things We Forget. The stickies were fun to make.I've used the site that I made the stickies on for other things as well. 

Those are the posts that really stand out in my mind. I enjoyed this challenge. I may not have followed it to the letter in writing a post a day, but I did write a post for EVERY day in April. Some days I wrote and posted 3 or 4 posts, others I didn't get any done. I am a realist enough to know that I cannot guarantee I will do anything EVERY day. My pain, fatigue and other health issues will stop that real fast. But, I know that about myself so I try not to stress over it.

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