02 May 2012

I have been thinking that I should begin a Project 365. Since I've had a post a day since April 1st, I've decided to begin it retroactively to that date. So today, May 2, 2012 would be day 32. Unlike the typical Project 365, I am not just doing a picture a day. For one, I don't do much, so a picture a day of my life would be VERY boring!  So I am going to do a twist on it. First, I am going to use the RA Twist rules from Tanya Martin, aka Geek Good Girl. These rules make the best sense for me. Although I also am going to change her rules slightly. Here is her RA Twist:

RA Twist for Project 365
  1. The images I post are not limited to photos I have taken, but can also be graphic images or videos I have created. I love creating images and making videos as much as taking photos so I want to use all types of creative media. [Ok I hate making videos. So if there is a video I post, I did NOT make it! Some graphics might be mine, or more likely, I started with an image and made it mine. I do try to credit the original creator or where I got it from when possible.]
  2. The images, photos, videos or other creative media do not have to be made or taken that day. This way if I don’t feel well enough to sit long at the computer or hold the camera, I can share any of the thousands of photos I already have. [My further twist on this is, I can share more than 1 item per day. If I feel well enough to do a number of items, great! If I don't feel well, then I don't have to stress. See Rule 3 for more.]
  3. If I feel too sick to post or something comes up and I cannot post, I skip posting. My RA Twist to Project 365 will be making 365 posts to my blog. They do not have to be in a row.[I fully expect that I will use this rule. But, with my twist on Rule 2, I will be able to make 365 posts between now and April 1, 2013. If I don't feel well, or I am busy, I don't stress.]
  4. Leap year? Take the day off. [Too bad I missed this one! :-p]
  5. I do not have to use solely images. I can use any media I choose. If I feel like writing something original, I can use that. If I find a quote I enjoy, I can use that. Any item I choose can be part of my Project 365.[This rule is my own that I've added to the original 4 from the RA Twist.]

My changes to these rules are the items marked out, or in brackets.In addition to the comments I made on the above rules, I've added a fifth one. I enjoy writing at times. So some of the time I will use things I've written. Others, I will use things I've found as I've read different things. Many of my items will likely be health related. Others will be related to my faith. Still others will just be crazy random things. But my goal is to motivate myself to blog more. By having a reason to blog, I'll be more likely to look for things to blog. I might end up sharing a recipe I want to try, a book I want to (or already have) read, something that makes me laugh, something about a member of my family, just all kinds of random things.  But that's my goal.

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